Power Level Foundation

  • What We Do:

By combining free education, training, and paid work experience, we create a clear pathway for the talented and motivated underprivileged to improve their lives and livelihood by rapidly attaining access to high paid careers in the modern IT industry.

  • Learning and Career Paths:

We provide free certified training in many of today’s leading technology disciplines.  Examples include Microsoft, Salesforce, and SCRUM certification courses.

  • How We Do It:

We are a real-world focused teaching organization.  Certificates are important objective indicators of earned education, but we believe that humans learn best by doing.  Our system combines certified training labs and education with simultaneous paid work experience.  Our students learn while they’re doing and graduate from our programs with meaningful work experience to put on their resumes.

  • Why We Do It:

A recent study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that between 400 and 800 million of today’s jobs worldwide will be automated by 2030.  That estimate includes as many as 73 million jobs in the U.S. alone.  This means that over the course of the next decade, hundreds of millions of people will need to be retrained before they can become active participants in the modern economy.  Unfortunately, training in high-tech fields is not inexpensive, and it will be the underprivileged who find it most difficult to make the leap; not for lack of merit, but for lack of means.

That’s where we come in.  By implementing our proven system that incorporates free education, training, and paid work experience, we can help bridge the gap and fast track those who have the will but not the way.  We have to move fast, though.  A decade may seem like a long time, but history of the industrialized world has shown that implementations of cost effective innovations can occur rapidly and disastrously precipitous job losses generally follow (see the Luddite movement of the early 19th century or the U.S. Rust Belt of today).

Our goal is to get out in front of this wave.  Software and automation have already begun displacing large swaths of the global workforce, and it is much easier to transition the gainfully employed than it is to uplift the unemployed and struggling.  The good news is the Technology Sector is already starving for qualified resources, and we have the system to rapidly create those resources, be they artists, designers, developers, or engineers, from scratch.

  • Why We Provide It For Free:

We believe merit should not be stifled by lack of means.  We believe that those with talent and the will to succeed should be given the opportunity to do so regardless of any socioeconomic hurdles.  And we believe that those are exactly the kind of people the world needs.  That through the realization of their potential, society as a whole can better realize its potential.

To bolster this effect, we also place a strong emphasis on giving back to the communities from which our students originate.  Every participant in our program is required to engage in at least one monthly act service for their local community.  This service can take many forms, but failure to complete this service can result in termination from the program.

  • Is This Training Expensive?

Ordinarily, yes.  A typical week-long Microsoft Certification course costs around $3,000, and higher level certifications typically require 4 – 6 courses.  For the talented participants of our program, however, there is no cost other than the monthly obligation to serve their community.

  • How We Finance It:

Currently it is all out of the personal finances of the founders.  In order to grow this foundation into the global organization the world needs, we will need support.

  • How Do We Choose Our Students?

When we say we are looking for the “Talented and Motivated”, we are referring to a complete package.  It is critical that our students be intelligent and driven, but equally important is their ability to communicate, empathize, and think in a community-minded way.  We provide an introductory course with follow-up testing that assess these qualities to everyone who is interested.

  • Is This Training Online or In a Physical Classroom?

Currently our training is conducted 100% in a physical classroom, however, we are developing an online curriculum that we anticipate will replace the majority of physical class time once we are satisfied the online environment meets our rigorous standards.

  • How To Join The Program:

Fill out the application and include a short essay describing why you think you would be a good candidate for our program.  Please keep in mind this program is only available to the underprivileged.  Proof of income that falls at or below U.S. Poverty Guidelines will be requested prior to admission into the program.